Lineman Pave the Way


Coach Jack Dingus
Offensive Line Coach
Shawnee HS (OK)

In February of 2015, offensive line coaches Tony Shiffman and Jack Dingus organized and produced Hog Football Chat (Hogfbchat). Both coaches had participated on the Texas Football Chat and after observing the overwhelming participation by coaches, determined that a chat devoted to offensive line play would be a worthy addition to social media. In every country where American football is played, the Hogfbchat gives coaches a place to collaborate and network about offensive line play, football schemes and the world of coaching. Coaches from the Power 5 Conferences, the NFL  and high schools across the nation contribute weekly. The chat is held on Twitter every Monday at 8 PM CST. In 2016, the chat proudly added DiscountFundraising.com as a sponsor. Hogfbchat would like to thank Coach Fisher, the founder of Txhsfbchat, for starting the trend of Free Football Coaching Chats.

Coach Tony Shiffman
Head Football Coach
Fort Madison HS (IA)